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This asset pack contains over 110 objects that you can use to build a creepy PSX mansion atmosphere in your own projects!

With the Retro PSX Style Mansion Assets you'll be able to fully build and decorate your own creepy retro style mansion interior.

The pack includes mesh formats FBX, OBJ & DAE. The textures are all in PNG format. Larger textures are 256x256 resolution and smaller textures are 128x128 resolution.

There is also included an Unreal Engine 4 ready folder with all assets set and ready to use! including lights, textures and materials all preset for you! Simply drag the "Retro_PSX_Style_Mansion_Assets" folder into the "Content" folder of your chosen UE4 project's directory and you're ready to go!

For demo version, please visit: https://porkbellygames.itch.io/retro-mansion-assets-demo

Asset List:


. Banister (straight & angled variant)

. Banister Base

. Ceiling (3 texture variants)

. Door (2 texture variants)

. Doorway (9 texture variants)

. Floor (5 texture variants)

. Pillar (1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and whole with 3 texture variants)

. Stairs (4 texture variants)

. Wall (9 texture variants)

. Window (2 texture variants)

. Window Light Ray

. Window Frame Wall (9 texture variants)


. Bath

. Bed (single & master sized variants)

. Bookcase

. Chair

. Sofa (single & double sized variants)

. Drawers

. Piano

. Sink

. Study Desk

. Table

. Toilet (with lid up/down and without)

. Toilet Lid

. Wardrobe


. Wall Mounted Candle Holder

. Chandelier

. Fireplace

. Painting (10 texture variants)

. Rubbish Pile

. Rug (3 texture variants)

. Statue


. Closed Book (3 texture variants)

. Open Book (3 Texture variants)

. Lit Candle (3 height variants)

. Unlit Candle (3 height variants)

. Harp

. Mug

. Single Page (6 texture variants) 

. Scattered Papers

. Plate

Textures List:

. Banister

. Banister Base

. Bath

. Bed

. Book (3 variants)

. Bookcase

. Wall Mounted Candle Holder

. Candle (lit & unlit)

. Ceiling (3 variants)

. Chair

. Chandelier

. Door (2 variants)

. Drawers

. Fire Particle

. Fireplace

. Floor (5 variants)

. Harp

. Master Bed

. Pages (2 variants)

. Scattered Papers

. Piano

. Painting (10 variants)

. Wooden Pillar

. Rubbish

. Rug (3 variants)

. Sofa

. Banister Angled

. Statue

. Study Desk

. Table

. Toilet

. Wall (9 variants)

. Wardrobe

. Window Clean

. Window Ray

. Window Dirty

LICENCE: This asset pack can be used in both free and commercial projects. You can modify it to suit your own needs. You may not redistribute or resell it.

If you need any support, please don't hesitate to contact me on my help email address: porkbelly.help@gmail.com

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Tags3D, Asset Pack, Atmospheric, Creepy, Horror, Low-poly, Modular, PSX (PlayStation), Retro, Unreal Engine


Buy Now£3.99 GBP or more

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How did you create the red film grain effect overlaying your screenshots?

This pack was my intro to UE5, so thank you so much, its great!

Thanks itchwon86! Really glad that you like it. As for the effect on the screenshots I used a colouring effect called dithering, it lowers the number of colours creating the effect you see on the screenshots. There are a few good tutorials on YouTube on how to achieve this effect, however, I'd also recommend using https://marcis.itch.io/psxfx if you want a faster way of getting the psx feel. Hope this helps :)

Thank you! I've been playing around with dithering effects but yours specifically has the dithering dots appearing in a sort of red where as mine always show up as black. Any idea why that might be? I plan on buying that exact pack too :)

I'm not entirely sure, all I can thing of is the lighting, I used a very dim orange light to light up the room and then highlight the specific parts of the room with brighter lights in the candles. Other than that I'm not too sure, but I would highly recommend buying that pack I mentioned as it's definitely worth it if you're into the retro look in my opinion. 

Sweet, sounds good, thank you for the help :)

No problem :D


This looks genuinely awesome and I would love to buy the full edition but I can only pay through PayPal, would you mind making that an option? If not that's totally cool :)

I second this, for some reason the Pay with Card method never works for me.

Hey Elderlore, just replying to let you know that the PayPal option should be up and running now =]

I did originally have PayPal payment as an option, however multiple people were having issues recieving the asset pack when they paid, so I unfortunately had to remove the option and I still haven't found the issue. sorry

however for the time being I'm currently waiting for a response from itch.io support for any solutions on how to fix the issue.


Thankyou for looking into it even if it doesn't get sorted, means a lot :)

Hey Newtie, just replying to let you know that the PayPal option should be up and running now =]


Ayyyy thankyou, will order it soon!! Means a lot and awesome pack!

Thanks for the compliment :D


Great asset pack! Perfect for my retro project.

Thanks, the compliment is much appreciated :]